Helpful Links

Below are some helpful links to receive support if you are suffering from depression or just feeling like you need to get something off your chest. You can choose to be completely anonymous if you like. It can feel so much better when you talk it out and realise you’re not alone! If you have been a victim of other peoples abuse or if suicide has affected you or your family there is professional help available. There are super kind people out there either online or over the phone that can help you navigate your way out of that black hole.

My Story

I’ve personally experienced the healing power of a song to lift me out of a heavy place. My hope is that my songs and particularly THE REAL DEAL will do the same for you. I suffered head trauma, PTSD and had multiple injuries that sent my life spiralling downwards. I can now say that through family, community, professional help, divine intervention and lots of love from beautiful caring people, I’m back up again and the sunshine is brighter than ever before!

Thankfully we don’t have to stay in the valleys of life, we can just keep walking through them and before too long we’re on a mountain top singing again!!!!

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