THE REAL DEAL is a song that addresses the need to talk about what’s really going on. It birthed the idea of THE REAL DEAL being more than just a song with a positive message, but a chance for open discussion and expression with people coming together to share stories and healing together through the creative arts. 

With the increasing rate of suicide across Australia its important that we start addressing the core issues by dealing with trauma and addiction cycles, talking about domestic violence and how to be safe,  providing alternatives to quick fixes by coming up with solutions that will last and bring healing to communities. 

Science tells us that music affects both sides of the brain and can be a powerful tool for creating new positive neural pathways. It is my hope that THE REAL DEAL song will bring a message of hope to someone who needs it right on time. The snap-bands have been made to serve as a reminder of the positive message in the song. Every time a person feels down they can snap it on their wrist as a distraction from negative thoughts and remind themselves that they are loved no matter what!  

THE REAL DEAL concept is a heartbeat for connection and community, to see restoration, to listen and be heard, to accept and be real with each other as we journey life together.  We can’t change the past but we sure can make a future !!!

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  • Share meals together and establish connection by eating together. 
  • Listen to peoples’ stories
  • Share stories through song, dance, art and other creative media. 
  • Sing songs of healing and freedom that speak of a positive future and hope. 
  • Write songs, create dances and artworks together. 
  • Share creativity. 
  • Collaborate with local health care and mental health workers to provide a platform for open discussion about mental health issues and practical avenues for pursuing health and emotional healing.

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The Womens Club

Playing first up at The Women's Club this Thur 28th Sept. Level 4, 179 Elizabeth Street, Sydney. I'm on @ 7pm For more details check their website  


  • To create a safe environment that is sustainable in community and that can reproduce itself.
  • To establish creative arts collectives in community that can grow and flourish and give another avenue for expression away from negative influences of drugs alcohol and domestic violence.
  • To see a decline of suicide in community with communities having vision and hope for the future.
  • To see people’s hearts healed as they share their burdens and tell their stories.
  • To knit communities and cultures together through doing life together, sharing the creative arts and singing together.
  • To develop a positive vision for the future and express that through the creative arts.

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To love all in our path. To listen and help share the burdens of life together. To connect like family and share our personal story of hope. To heal together as we sing together a new hope and future over the land and its’ people.



  • Love never fails.
  • If we share with others what we have done wrong and the wrong that has been done to us with other people, we can be healed.
  • There is hope and a future for all people.
  • Faith hope and love – the greatest is love.
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